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2010-06-15 00:26:50 by Orobos

I got banned for 15 days for uploading 2 blammed submissions in the past 30 days. Sucks because I was just trying out madness.... and the other one.... Don't ask.


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2010-06-15 07:51:02

maybe they thought that you didnt get enough 0s so you had to fail harder and make moar..... and i rated those entries 5s so screw the nonbelievers!!!! GRRRRRR :3


2010-11-10 22:47:02

Well alot of people on ng are retarded. I like your madness submissions, im doughting they have been blammed by users... probably a mod or faggot spammers.


2011-03-13 20:39:35

aw that sucks i am pretty sure i am going to get banned for the reviews i write


2012-01-26 02:53:28

my birthday is june 15!


2013-01-22 19:19:13

dude you have the most BOSS ! games